18 Best & Fun Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

Are you a resident or tourist looking for fun activities in Lincoln, New Hampshire? Look no further! You’re at the right place. In this guide, we’ll unveil an extensive list of the 18 best and most fun things to do in Lincoln, NH, to make the most of your time in this picturesque part of Grafton County.

Lincoln, New Hampshire, nestled in the White Mountains, is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and family fun. Skiing and snowboarding at Loon Mountain in winter give way to thrilling zip-lining and scenic gondola rides in summer. Explore Franconia Notch State Park for the awe-inspiring Flume Gorge and Cannon Mountain views.


For a wild time, visit Clark’s Trading Post to see trained bears and hop on a nostalgic steam train. Cool off at Whale’s Tale Waterpark with its exciting water slides and lazy river. Don’t miss the Hobo Railroad’s scenic train rides through breathtaking mountain vistas.

Whether hiking, biking, fishing, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, Lincoln promises endless adventure and memorable experiences for all ages.

18 Best and Fun Things To Do In Lincoln, NH (2024)

1. Clark’s Bears

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

Clark’s Bears, also known as Clark’s Trading Post and Bear Show, is a popular family-friendly attraction located in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Established in 1928, Clark’s Bears offers a unique blend of entertainment, education, and nostalgia set amidst the beautiful White Mountains.

The main highlight of Clark’s Bears is its trained bear show, where visitors can witness black bears performing tricks and demonstrations under the guidance of skilled trainers. This iconic show has been a staple of the attraction for decades, delighting audiences of all ages.

In addition to the bear show, Clark’s Bears features a variety of other attractions and activities. Visitors can enjoy rides on a historic steam train, explore the themed museums showcasing Americana and memorabilia, and take part in interactive experiences like panning for gemstones and riding a Segway.


Address: 110 Daniel Webster Highway, Lincoln, NH, 03251, United States.

2. Flume Gorge

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

The Flume Gorge is a natural wonder located within Franconia Notch State Park in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This stunning formation was created by glaciers over 200 million years ago and is renowned for its dramatic granite walls rising to heights of 70 to 90 feet.

Visitors to the Flume Gorge can embark on a scenic walking trail that takes them through a narrow, winding path alongside the gorge. The trail features wooden walkways, stairs, and bridges that allow guests to explore the gorge up close and experience its breathtaking beauty.

Along the way, visitors encounter cascading waterfalls, moss-covered boulders, and lush vegetation, creating a picturesque setting that’s ideal for photography and nature appreciation.

The Flume Gorge is open seasonally from mid-May to mid-October, allowing visitors to witness the changing colors of the foliage in autumn or the vibrant greenery of spring and summer. It’s a must-visit attraction for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and anyone seeking to marvel at the natural wonders of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Address: 852 Daniel Webster Highway, Franconia, NH, 03580, United States.

3. Seven Birches Winery

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH


Seven Birches Winery is a renowned winery located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, specializing in crafting premium wines from locally sourced grapes and fruits.

The winery produces a diverse selection of wines, including reds, whites, and specialty fruit wines, each crafted to reflect the distinct flavors and characteristics of the region. Guests can enjoy tastings and tours of the winemaking facilities, where they can learn about the winemaking process from vine to bottle.

In addition to tastings, Seven Birches Winery hosts events and activities throughout the year, such as wine pairing dinners, live music performances, and educational workshops.

The winery also features a charming tasting room and retail shop, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase their favorite wines to enjoy at home or as gifts.

Address: 22 S Mountain Drive, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

4. Ice Castles

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

One of the most beautiful things to do in Lincoln, NH, during the winter season is to visit Ice Castles.  Ice Castles creates elaborate structures entirely from ice, including towering ice walls, tunnels, slides, and archways, all illuminated with colorful LED lights that create a mesmerizing display after dark.

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Visitors can explore the ice formations, walk through tunnels, and marvel at the intricate ice sculptures that change each season based on weather conditions and artistic designs.


The experience is both immersive and interactive, allowing guests to wander through a winter wonderland and take in the beauty of the frozen landscape.

Address: Lincoln, NH, United States.

5. Alpine Adventures

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

One of the most family-friendly things to do in Lincoln, NH, is to explore Alpine Adventures. This attraction offers an exhilarating array of outdoor activities and adventures in the scenic White Mountains.

In addition to ziplining, Alpine Adventures offers off-road tours on their custom 6-wheel drive Swiss Army vehicles, providing guests with a rugged and adventurous exploration of the surrounding terrain.

Alpine Adventures caters to families, groups, and adventurers of all ages and skill levels, ensuring a safe and memorable experience with a focus on outdoor fun and education.

Address:41 Main Street, Lincoln, NH, 03251, United States.

6. Hobo Hills Adventure Golf

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH


Hobo Hills Adventure Golf is a popular attraction in Lincoln, New Hampshire, offering a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages. This outdoor miniature golf course is themed around the history and culture of the Hobo Railway, providing a unique blend of entertainment and local lore.

The course features 18 beautifully landscaped holes with challenging obstacles and creative designs that reflect the area’s railway heritage. Players can enjoy a leisurely round of golf surrounded by scenic views of the White Mountains, making it an ideal activity for families, friends, and even corporate outings.

Hobo Hills Adventure Golf also offers a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere with picnic tables, benches, and shaded areas, perfect for socializing and enjoying the outdoors after a game.

Address: 137 Main Street, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

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7. Pemi Valley Moose Tours

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

Venturing into Valley Moose Tours is one of the most exciting things to do in Lincoln, NH, for wildlife enthusiasts. Operating evening tours during peak moose activity times, the tours are guided by knowledgeable experts who share insights into the local ecosystem and moose behavior.

Participants embark on a comfortable, guided bus tour through scenic areas where moose sightings are frequent. The tour provides opportunities for photography and learning about other wildlife and the region’s ecology.


Pemi Valley Moose Tours cater to families, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone seeking an unforgettable nature experience in the beautiful setting of the White Mountains.

Address: 136 Main Street, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

8. NCCA Jean’s Playhouse

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

Nestled in the scenic White Mountains, Jean’s Playhouse offers a diverse array of live theatrical productions, musical performances, and entertainment events throughout the year.

The theater features a main stage where visitors can enjoy professional productions ranging from Broadway-style musicals to comedies and dramas.

In addition to its main stage productions, Jean’s Playhouse hosts community theater performances, children’s theater productions, and special events, catering to audiences of all ages and interests.

Address: 34 Papermill Drive, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

9. Fired on the Mountain

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH


Are you craving for a yummy meal in Lincoln? If yes, Fired on the Mountain will bubble up some excitement. Situated amidst the scenic White Mountains, this dining establishment offers a cozy retreat where guests can enjoy a variety of dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant’s menu typically features a range of options, from hearty burgers and sandwiches to savory entrees and tempting desserts, making it a perfect place for a dinner date.

Whether you’re stopping by for a casual meal with friends or a family dinner after a day of outdoor adventures, “Fired on the Mountain” promises a warm welcome and a satisfying dining experience in the heart of Lincoln’s natural beauty.

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Address: 437 US Route 3, Lincoln, NH, 03251, United States.

10. SledVentures Snowmobile Rentals

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

If you are in Lincoln, New Hampshire, in the winter season, then you should consider exploring SledVentures Snowmobile Rentals and have a memorable experience in the snow.

SledVentures provides a range of snowmobiles for rent, catering to both beginners and experienced riders. The rental experience includes safety instructions and trail maps, ensuring an enjoyable adventure through scenic trails surrounded by pristine snow-covered landscapes.

SledVentures’ knowledgeable staff is on hand to assist with equipment selection and provide tips for navigating the trails, making it an ideal destination for families or corporate outings looking to experience the thrill of snowmobiling in one of New England’s most picturesque regions.

Address: 514 US Route 3, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.


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11. BarnZ’s Lincoln Cinema

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

Exploring BarnZ’s Lincoln Cinema is one of the most wholesome things to do in Lincoln, NH, with your family at night. This theater focuses on comfortable seating, state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, and a diverse selection of movies for all ages and tastes.

From blockbuster hits to independent gems and family-friendly favorites, BarnZ’s Lincoln Cinema provides a welcoming environment where guests can enjoy the latest releases in both standard and luxury recliner seating options.

Beyond its regular screenings, BarnZ’s Lincoln Cinema enhances community engagement by hosting special events such as classic film showings and local film festivals.

This cultural cornerstone in Lincoln not only enriches the entertainment landscape but also offers a cozy retreat where movie enthusiasts can unwind and enjoy an exciting family night.

Address: 10 Paper Mill Drive, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

12. Keene Axe House

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH


One of the unique places to experience an exhilarating experience for visitors seeking fun and competitive entertainment near Lincoln is the Keene Axe House.

As a premier axe-throwing venue, Keene Axe House provides a safe and controlled environment where participants can learn and practice the art of axe-throwing under the guidance of trained staff.

The attraction features multiple throwing lanes with targets, allowing individuals or groups to compete in various axe-throwing games and challenges.

In addition to axe throwing, Keene Axe House offers a lively atmosphere with comfortable seating areas, music, and refreshments, making it an ideal spot for parties, corporate events, or casual outings with friends.

Address: 116 Main Street, Keene, NH 03431, United States.

13. Legends Escape Rooms

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

Legends Escape Rooms, located in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, offers an immersive and thrilling experience for adventurers and puzzle enthusiasts.

Legends Escape Rooms provides a variety of themed rooms, each with its own storyline and challenges. Participants must use their wits, teamwork, and creativity to unravel mysteries, find hidden objects, and ultimately escape the room before time runs out.

In addition, themes often range from historical mysteries to fantasy adventures, catering to different interests and skill levels. This attraction is ideal for families, friends, and team-building events, offering an engaging and entertaining way to bond and test problem-solving skills.


Address: 33 Village Road, Waterville Valley, NH 03215, United States.

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14. Lincoln Public Library

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

One of the many free things to do in Lincoln, NH, is explore the Lincoln Public Library today. Located in the heart of town, this library provides access to a diverse collection of books, magazines, and multimedia materials catering to all ages and interests.

Beyond its extensive collection, the Lincoln Public Library hosts various programs and events throughout the year. These include children’s storytimes, educational workshops, book clubs, and fostering a vibrant cultural and educational environment for the community

The library also offers modern amenities such as computer stations, free Wi-Fi, and quiet study areas, making it a valuable resource for research, learning, and personal enrichment.

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Address: 22 Church Street, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

15. InnSeason Resorts Pollard Brook

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH


InnSeason Resorts Pollard Brook is a resort hotel located in Lincoln, New Hampshire, offering casual condo rentals with mountain views, plus multiple pools and tennis courts. Here’s a breakdown of what this resort provides:

The resort offers condo-style units with balconies or patios, providing beautiful views of Loon Mountain and the White Mountains. Many units feature living rooms with electric fireplaces, fully-equipped kitchens, and whirlpool tubs in the master bedrooms.

The resort boasts both indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness room, a game room, tennis courts, and a playground. It also features an Adventure Concierge who can help plan excursions and trips for all ages and interests.

Address: 33 Brookline Road, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

16. Loon Mountain Resort

Things To Do In Ludlow, VT

Exploring Loon Mountain Resort is one of the best things to do in Lincoln, NH, in the summer and winter seasons. This attraction is a premier destination for outdoor and winter sports enthusiasts alike.

In winter, visitors flock to enjoy skiing and snowboarding on its well-groomed trails, which cater to all skill levels. The resort boasts a variety of slopes, from gentle beginner runs to challenging expert terrain, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

During the warmer months, Loon Mountain transforms into a hub for outdoor recreation. Hiking enthusiasts can explore miles of trails. This resort features an Adventure Center, where visitors can enjoy zip-lining, climbing walls, and a challenging aerial forest ropes course.


Address: 60 Loon Mountain Road, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States. 

17. Indian Head Resort

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH

Indian Head Resort, nestled in Lincoln, New Hampshire’s scenic White Mountains, is a beloved destination offering a blend of comfort, natural beauty, and recreational opportunities.

The resort provides a variety of accommodations, from cozy rooms to charming cottages, many of which feature breathtaking mountain views. Guests can unwind in indoor and outdoor pools, soak in hot tubs, stay active in the fitness center, or enjoy friendly competition in the game rooms.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Indian Head Resort’s location offers easy access to hiking trails and nearby attractions like Franconia Notch State Park, renowned for its picturesque Flume Gorge and Cannon Mountain vistas.

Dining at Indian Head Resort caters to diverse tastes with options like the Thunderbird Lounge, perfect for casual dining and evening entertainment, and the Profile Dining Room for more refined culinary experiences, making it one of the best places to stay in Lincoln, NH.

Address: 664 US-3, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

18. The Common Man Lincoln

Things To Do In Lincoln, NH


The Common Man Lincoln is a beloved dining destination in Lincoln, New Hampshire, known for its warm atmosphere and delectable New England cuisine. Situated in the scenic White Mountains region, it offers a cozy dining experience that attracts locals and tourists alike.

Featuring a menu rich in New England flavors, The Common Man Lincoln sources ingredients locally whenever possible, ensuring dishes like seafood chowder and maple-glazed salmon are fresh and authentic. The restaurant’s ambiance blends rustic charm with elegance, making it ideal for both casual meals and special occasions.

What’s more, guests can enjoy picturesque views of the White Mountains while dining indoors or on the outdoor patio. Afterward, visitors can explore nearby attractions such as Loon Mountain for skiing and outdoor activities, or Franconia Notch State Park to marvel at the Flume Gorge and Cannon Mountain.

Address: 103 Main Streets, Lincoln, NH 03251, United States.

Plan Your Trip To Lincoln, NH

Lincoln, NH, beckons as a captivating destination with adventure and natural wonders. With the perfect blend of culture and nature, a visit to Woodstock will leave a lasting impression.

Let this guide be your comprehensive starting point as you embark on your journey to discover and experience the wonders of this remarkable town. I wish you safe travels and unforgettable memories!


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