20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Woodstock, VA

Are you searching for fun activities in Woodstock, Virginia? Regardless of your status as a local or a visitor, this guide features the 20 best and fun things to do to make the most of your time in this panoramic city.

Woodstock, VA, is a charming town nestled along the scenic “Seven Bends” of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. It boasts a rich history, dating back to its establishment in 1761, making it one of the oldest towns west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Immerse yourself in the town’s Revolutionary War history. Woodstock is known for “the fighting parson,” John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, who delivered a famous sermon calling for volunteers for the Continental Army. The town also has the oldest working courthouse west of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Shenandoah River and the surrounding mountains. Take a hike or bike ride on the many trails in the area, or go for a scenic drive. Explore the art galleries and shops in downtown Woodstock. Find unique souvenirs, locally-made crafts, and so much more.

20 Best and Fun Things To Do In Woodstock, VA (2024)

1. The Shenandoah County History Courthouse

things to do in Woodstock, VA

One of the first things to do in Woodstock, VA, as a tourist is to visit the Shenandoah County History Courthouse. Constructed in 1795 from native limestone, it’s the oldest courthouse west of the Blue Ridge Mountains still in operation.

The Shenandoah County Historic Courthouse is one of Woodstock’s iconic buildings. It witnessed events during the Civil War, with remnants like graffiti on the interior walls.

This courthouse is built with negative limestone. One of its most distinctive features is the hexagonal, ogee-roofed cupola, reminiscent of German baroque church belfries.

The Shenandoah County Historic Courthouse functions as a de facto visitor center and a great first stop for your explorations in Woodstock. The courthouse houses a visitor center with informative exhibits about the history of Woodstock and Shenandoah County.

Address: 103 N Main St, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

2. Woodstock Public Library

Things To Do In Woodstock, VA

Established in 1928, exploring Woodstock Public Library, which is the oldest library in Shenandoah County, is one of the most fun things to do in Woodstock for book lovers.

The Woodstock Public Library is staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers, fostering a strong community atmosphere. Beyond traditional books, the library offers audiobooks and even features a public-use piano for musical patrons.

This library has memorabilia related to Woodstock’s unique history, like the “fighting parson” John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, or the town’s connection to Dick Tracy and Groundhog Day.

What’s more, the Woodstock Public Library offers a free pantry with food and warm clothing to those in need. They even have a tilt-a-whirl seat, adding a playful element to the library experience.

Address: 134 North Church Street, Woodstock, Virginia, United States.

3.  The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

One of the most exciting things to do in Woodstock this weekend is to explore The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm for gold enthusiasts. This attraction offers three distinct nine-hole layouts that golfers can choose from or combine for a full 27-hole experience.

The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm offers four sets of tees, allowing beginners and experienced golfers to find a comfortable playing distance that tests their skills without being overwhelming.

Bradshaw Farm is open to the public, so you don’t need a membership to play. This makes it a great option for occasional golfers or visitors to the area. This golf course offers a practice facility to warm up your swing before your round or hone your skills.

Address: 3030 Bradshaw Club Dr, Woodstock, VA 30188-2300, United States.

4.  W.O. Riley Park

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

Experience a lot of special and family-friendly things to do in Woodstock, VA, for everyone when you explore W.O. Riley Park. This dog-friendly park is one of the best places to spend a good time with your family and pet.

W.O. Riley Park features a large playground with a variety of climbing structures, slides swings, and a separate area for toddlers. Rubber surfacing ensures a safe and easy-to-navigate area for children.

This park provides soccer fields for organized or casual games, a baseball/softball field for America’s favorite pastime, and basketball and tennis courts for friendly matches or pick-up games.

In addition, W.O. Riley Park features other exciting amenities such as a tranquil space to escape the hustle and bustle, perfect for a peaceful walk or nature observation, a picnic shelter, a swimming Pool, and so much more.

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Address: 103 N Main St, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

5. Bear Mountain Ziplines

Things To Do In Woodstock, VA

Positioned within Luray, VA, exploring Bear Mountain Ziplines is one of the most exciting outdoor activities near Woodstock, VA, with your friends. This zipline course offers a thrilling ride through the forest canopy.

With over 2,700 feet of zip lines total, Bear Mountain Ziplines allows you to experience a significant distance and enjoy the views for an extended period of time. This thrilling attraction moves at a speed of 35 miles per hour, providing a good dose of adrenaline for adventure seekers.

In terms of safety, Bear Mountain Ziplines employs trained staff with ACC (Association of Challenge Course) certifications whose primary job is to ensure your safety throughout the zipline tour.

Address: 2354 US Hwy 211 E, Luray, VA 22835, United States.

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6. Shenandoah Valley Axe Throwing

Things To Do In Woodstock, VA

Are you looking for an axe-throwing house to test your throwing skills? Then you explore Shenandoah Valley Axe Throwing, which is just 25 minutes from Woodstock.

Shenandoah Valley Axe Throwing features 10 lanes, allowing you to enjoy the activity with friends or have a larger group outing. Their experienced staff provides coaching to ensure you learn proper throwing techniques and maximize your enjoyment.

Shenandoah Valley Axe Throwing emphasizes safety and requires participants to complete a safety briefing and coaching session before throwing axes. They offer party packages for axe-throwing birthdays, making it a unique way to celebrate with friends.

Address: 20 South Street, Front Royal, VA 22630, United States.

7.  Woodstock Museum

Things To Do In Woodstock, VA

For history lovers, exploring the Woodstock Museum is one of the most interesting things to do in Woodstock, VA. This must-see attraction consists of two 18th-century houses located within a block of the Shenandoah County Historic Courthouse.

Woodstock Museum’s primary focus is on preserving and showcasing the early history of Woodstock and the Shenandoah County area. This Museum exhibition and artifacts primarily cover the period from the town’s establishment to the early 20th century, including the Civil War era.

This museum also houses a large collection of artifacts on long-term loan from the Baughman family, offering a glimpse into the life of a local resident in the early 1800s.

Address: 104 S Muhlenberg Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

8.  Accommodations in Woodstock, Virginia

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

Woodstock is not just home to historical charms but also a variety of comfortable accommodations to suit your travel style, whether you’re seeking a family-friendly haven with amenities, a cozy retreat after exploring the town’s gems, or a budget-conscious option for your adventures.

From modern hotels boasting amenities like fitness centers and outdoor pools to classic inns brimming with small-town charm, Woodstock’s hospitality scene promises a relaxing and convenient base for your Virginia getaway.

Some of Woodstock’s finest accommodations include; Hampton Inn & Suites Woodstock, VA, Comfort Inn Woodstock Shenandoah, Econo Lodge Woodstock – Shenandoah Valley I-81, Holiday Inn Express – Shenandoah Valley Woodstock, VA, and Days Inn by Wyndham New Market Battlefield.

Address: Woodstock, Virginia, United States.

9. Luray Zoo

Things To Do In Woodstock, VA

Located in Luray, Just 45 minutes away from Woodstock, exploring Luray Zoo is one of the most interesting things to do in Woodstock, VA, for animal lovers.

Luray Zoo’s primary focus is on rescued animals, providing a loving and permanent home to animals in need. This can include retired zoo animals, unwanted pets, animals from conservation programs, or even previously abused ones.

Despite its smaller size, the zoo offers a diverse collection of animals. You’ll find primates, big cats (like tigers), reptiles, birds, and mammals. This zoo offers opportunities to get closer to some of the animals through supervised encounters.

What’s more, this petting zoo provides a fun and interactive experience, particularly for children, to connect with some friendly animals. Luray Zoo’s overall ambiance is geared towards families, offering a fun and educational outing.

Address: 1087 US-211, Luray, VA 22835, United States.

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10.  Shenvalee Golf Resort

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

Exploring Shenvalee Golf Resort is one of the most fun things to do near Woodstock, VA, for golf enthusiasts. Shenvalee Golf Resort caters to golfers of all levels with its two championship courses, top-notch amenities, and scenic location.

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Shenvalee Golf Resort features two 18-hole courses, the Gold Course, which is a classic layout featuring rolling hills, mature trees, and strategically placed water features for a traditional golfing challenge, and the Green Course, which is a more adventurous round. .

In addition, this golf course has an onsite pro shop, which is stocked with top-of-the-line golf equipment, apparel, and accessories to meet your golfing needs, whether you’re replacing a worn-out glove or treating yourself to a new driver.

This attraction offers an onsite restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals featuring classic American cuisine with a local touch at the resort’s on-site restaurant. It’s a perfect way to unwind and refuel after a day of golfing.

Address: 9660 Fairway Drive, New Market, VA 22844, United States.

11. Seven Bends State Park

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

Do you want to create more exciting family memories in Woodstock, VA? Explore Seven Bends State Park today.

Established in 2019, this must-see attraction offers a delightful escape into nature where you can enjoy the scenic views of the gently flowing river and surrounding landscape. 

Seven Bends State Park features over 8 miles of trails that meander through the park’s diverse terrain. Difficulty levels may vary, so choose a trail that suits your experience. Some trails wind along the riverbank, offering a peaceful riverside experience.

What’s more, Seven Bends State Park offers designated picnic areas with tables that provide picturesque spots for enjoying a delicious meal outdoors, surrounded by nature.

Address: 2111 South Hollingsworth Road, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

12. Valley Treasures

Things To Do In Woodstock, VA

Do you have an interest in hidden gems? If yes, I do recommend you browse through the Valley Treasures. This store offers a delightful shopping experience, brimming with personality and the potential for one-of-a-kind finds.

Valley Treasures boasts a vast collection of over 6,500 square feet of space filled with antiques and collectibles. You’ll find a diverse range of items to satisfy the interests of almost any collector.

This treasure house operates in a multi-dealer format, meaning multiple vendors showcase their collections within the shop. This allows for an even wider variety of items and potentially unique finds you might not encounter elsewhere.

Address: 466 North Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

13. Fairview Park

Things to do in Woodtock, VA

For outdoor enthusiasts, Fairview Park is one of the best places in Woodstock, VA, to enjoy thrilling outdoor activities with your family and furry friends. 

Fairview Park provides a designated play area with equipment that provides a fun space for children to climb, swing, and slide. This recreational center offers an enclosed space that allows your furry friend to run leash-free and socialize with other dogs in a safe environment.

In addition, this park features large grassy areas that provide room for picnics, frisbee throwing, or simply relaxing outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.  Fairview Park is generally open from dawn to dusk, which gives you enough family time to create wonder moments.

Address: 716 W. North Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

14.  Shenandoah Valley Playhouse

Thinsg to do in WOODSTOCK, VA

Catch a delightful live performance at the Shenandoah Valley Playhouse. This historic attraction is one of the best places to explore in Woodstock at night.

Established in 1938, the Shenandoah Valley Playhouse is a cornerstone of the cultural scene in Woodstock. This theater boasts a historic atmosphere, transporting you back in time as you enjoy a live performance.

Shenandoah Valley Playhouse stages a diverse season of productions throughout the year. This includes musicals, comedies, dramas, thrillers, and even children’s shows. This theater features professional actors and high-quality productions that will entertain and engage audiences.

Address: 100 W Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

15. The Art Spot

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

Exploring The Art Spot is one of the most interesting things to do in Woodstock, VA for an art enthusiast. The Art Spot is heaven for creativity and artistic exploration.

The Art Spot offers a range of classes suitable for all ages and skill levels. This includes canvas painting, screen printing, wine bottle/glass painting, wood painting, clay projects, and potentially more.

This art gallery prioritizes a fun and relaxed environment where you can unleash your inner artist and enjoy the creative process. It’s a perfect place to unwind, explore your artistic side, and create something memorable.

Address: 130 W Court Streets, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States. 

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16. Woodstock Presbyterian Church

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

One of the most unique things to do in Woodstock this weekend is to visit the Woodstock Presbyterian Church with your family. This church welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

The Woodstock Presbyterian Church offers various groups or activities for different age groups and interests. This includes Bible studies, youth groups, social events, or community service opportunities.

This church has a Facebook page and other social media presence where they share updates, announcements, and photos of church events. Search for “Woodstock Presbyterian Church” on social media platforms to follow up, or you can check their website for more details.

Address: 142 E Court Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

17. Anytime Fitness

Things to do in Woodstock, VA


Do you want to stay fit and have a healthy body? Then you will find Anytime Fitness as an interesting place to visit in Woodstock, VA.

Anytime Fitness offers 24/7 access for members. This allows you to squeeze in a workout whenever your schedule allows, providing ultimate flexibility. Your membership grants access to Anytime Fitness gyms across the country, which can be convenient if you travel frequently.

This fitness gym provides a clean and organized environment that’s conducive to a productive workout. The staff is available to answer questions, offer guidance, or provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Anytime Fitness features a variety of cardio machines which include treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, as well as weight training equipment that should cater to different fitness goals.

What’s more, you get to enjoy group fitness classes, which can be a fun and motivating way to exercise. These classes might vary by location and could include options like Zumba, HIIT, or yoga.

Address: 1025 S Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

18. Community Theatre

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

Exploring Community theater is one of the fun things to do in Woodstock at night. This attraction serves as a haven for movie enthusiasts, offering a convenient and enjoyable cinematic experience.

This community theater features multiple screens, allowing it to showcase a variety of films simultaneously. This provides moviegoers with more choices and ensures there’s something for everyone.

In addition, you can catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters and critically acclaimed films shortly after their theatrical release.  This community theater shows animated features, children’s movies, and comedies suitable for the whole family.

This theatre might occasionally screen independent or classic films, offering a chance to discover new gems or revisit cinematic treasures. Grab popcorn, candy, drinks, and other snacks to complete your movie experience.

Address: 136 North Main Street, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

19.  Woodstock Garden Cafe

Things to do in Woodstock, VA

Nestled within Woodstock Gardens Nursery, Woodstock Garden Cafe is a charming spot to savor fresh, delicious food amidst a scenic backdrop. Exploring this food establishment is one of the romantic things to do in Woodstock, VA, with your partner.

This cafe emphasizes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. This dedication to quality ensures flavorful and wholesome dishes.

Woodstock Garden Cafe resides within a greenhouse, offering a unique and visually captivating dining experience. Imagine enjoying your meal surrounded by lush greenery and natural light.

Address: 1175 Hisey Avenue, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

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20. Shenandoah County Fair Association

Rhings to do in Woodstock, VA

The Shenandoah County Fair Association is a local organization dedicated to promoting agriculture, commerce, and community spirit through its annual Shenandoah County Fair.

The Shenandoah Fair is one of the most exciting events to attend in the summer. This fair offers a variety of activities and entertainment for all ages, including livestock shows, live music and entertainment, carnival rides and games, and so much more.

The Shenandoah County Fair Association supports the community by providing a platform for local businesses to showcase their products and services.

Address: 300 Fairground Road, Woodstock, VA 22664, United States.

Plan Your Trip To Woodstock, VA

Woodstock, VA, is a unique adventure hub, blending fun, entertainment, education, and culture.

Regardless of whether you live here or are just visiting, every experience immerses you further into the essence of this picturesque town, showcasing its rich history, artistic vibrancy, and strong community spirit.

So, lace up your shoes, explore the cultural richness, enjoy the local flavors, and let Woodstock enchant your senses in its special way.

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