20 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hunter, NY

Are you a resident or tourist looking for fun activities in Hunter, New York?  Look no further! You’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll unveil an extensive list of the 20 best and most fun things to do in Hunter, NY, to make the most of your time in this picturesque Greene County.

Hunter, NY, is a town located in Greene County, New York, nestled among the peaks of the Great Northern Catskills Mountains. Hunter Mountain, a popular ski resort, is the main attraction in the area.


Hunter Mountain offers skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing in the winter. Hiking, biking, fishing, and scenic drives are popular activities year-round. The town is also home to several nature preserves, including the Hemlock Ridge Trail and the Diamond Notch Falls Trail.

Hunter features a variety of family-friendly activities, including the Hunter Mountain Resort’s kid-friendly scenic Skyride, Mountain Playhouse summer theater, putt-putt golf courses, and go-kart tracks.

20 Best And Fun Things To Do In Hunter, NY (2024)

1. Mountain Cinema

things to do in Hunter, NY.

Create a wholesome family experience by exploring the Mountain Cinema in Hunter, NY. This attraction features 3 screens showing a variety of films, including Hollywood blockbusters, independent films, foreign movies, and so much more.

Mountain Cinema provides cozy seats for a relaxing movie experience. With top-notch sound and projections, this cinema invests heavily in high-quality audio and visual systems for an immersive experience. This family-size cinema is a smaller, more personal theater experience than large multiplex cinemas.

The mountain cinema provides a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a family outing. This cinema features helpful and courteous staff to ensure a pleasant visit. The mountain cinema is located in the Doctorow Center for the Arts, which is part of a larger art complex, adding to the area’s cultural and artistic vibe.


Address: 7971 Main Street, Hunter, NY, 12442, United States.

2. Doctorow Center for the Arts

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

Exploring Doctorow Center for the Arts is one of the best places to explore with your family in Hunter, NY, for art enthusiasts. This art center is a multi-art complex that houses the Mountain Cinema, a 3-screen cinema, which makes it a perfect spot for multiple family adventures.

The Doctorow Center for the Arts features the Evelyn Weisberg Concert Hall, a 150-seat performance space hosting chamber music, folk/pop music, puppetry, and theater. This multi-complex establishment also features a piano performance museum for music lovers. This hall is home to the Steven E Greenstein collection of historic pianos from the 18th to the 20th.

This exciting attraction offers various art exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year. Furthermore, in the summer season, this multi-purpose center provides summer music education and performance programs, many of which are free and open to the public.

Address: 7971 Route 23A, Hunter, NY 12442, United States.

3. Hunter Mountain Brewery

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

The Hunter Mountain Brewery is a popular destination for beer enthusiasts, foodies, and those looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy a pint and a meal in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. This brewery is a family-owned business that features over 15 tap craft beers as well as growlers and cans, which are available as well.


Located in the heart of the village, the mountain brewery offers a Cozy, rustic-chic taproom with a fireplace, outdoor seating, and live music events. This popular brewery holds the title for the 2020 TAP NY Best Craft Beer Award, it was featured in publications like The New York Times and USA Today.

Beyond drinks, this mountain brewery also features menu items made with locally sourced ingredients, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and entrees. This brewery is open 7 days a week, making it your top spot to relax with your drink while you enjoy exciting events like live music performances, trivia nights, beer releases, and special events throughout the year.

Address: 7775 Main Street, Hunter, NY 12442, United States.

4. Catskill Mountain Foundation

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

One of the most exciting things to do in Hunter, NY, with your family is to explore the Catskill Mountain Foundation. This establishment is aimed at promoting arts, culture, and educational enhancements in the northern Catskill Mountain region.

The Catskill Mountain Foundation presents a variety of live performances throughout the year, including music, dance, and theater. They utilize venues like the Orpheum Performing Arts Center in Tannersville.

What’s more, this attraction offers art workshops and classes led by renowned artists. They also showcase artwork through gallery exhibitions.

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Address: 7971 Main Street, Hunter, NY, 12442, United States.


5. Tannersville Bike Path

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Then explore the Tannersville Bike Path, which is one of the fun things to do near Hunter, NY. Also known as the Huckleberry Multi-Use Trail, it allows you to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the path, surrounded by nature.

The Tannersville Bike Path features a 2.7-mile paved path that is mostly flat and suitable for all skill levels, making it a perfect choice for a family outing, a casual bike ride, or a leisurely walk.

Another interesting feature is that the path utilizes the old Huckleberry Railroad bed, offering a glimpse into the area’s past. Imagine the trains that once traversed this route.

Address: 226 Clum Hill Road, Elka Park, NY, 12427, United States.

6. Stony Clove Notch

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

If you enjoy the outdoors, then exploring Stony Clove Notch will be an interesting attraction for you and your friends in Hunter, NY. This park is situated deep within the Catskill Mountains.

This park features a narrow pass with an elevation of roughly 2,220 feet. The Srony Clove Notch offers scenic views of Hunter Mountain and Plateau Mountain. This park is also famous for its steep, soaring slopes and rocky cliffs.


Stony Clove Notch serves as the trailhead for hikes to both Hunter Mountain and Plateau Mountain, offering various trails for different skill levels. For climbers, the cliffs and slopes of the Notch attract ice climbers and experienced rock climbers.

Address: Stony Clove Notch, Hunter, NY, 12442, United States.

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7. Zoom Flume Water Park

things to do in Hunter, NY.

Zoom Flume boasts multiple water attractions for all ages, which include body slides and tube rides for thrilling adventures, and a lazy river for a relaxing float. It also features a play area for young children, like Pelican Pond and the Lagoon Activity Pool.

Zoom Flume Water Park offers a wave pool for some wave action, as well as a wild river for a 600-foot tubing adventure with twists and turns. This park just features a Rip Van Racer slide and a fun double flume mat ride.

Address: 20 Shady Glen Road, East Durham, NY 12423, United States.

8. Hunter Mountain

Things to do in Hunter, NY.


Exploring Hunter Mountain is one of the most thrilling adventures to experience in Hunter with your family and friends. This attraction provides exciting activities for both the winter and summer seasons.

Hunter Mountain is a peak in the Catskill Mountains of New York. At 4,040 feet (1,231 m) in elevation, it is the highest peak in Greene County and the second-highest in the Catskills.

In addition, Hunter Mountain is a popular destination for outdoor recreation, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and biking. The mountain is also home to Hunter Mountain Resort, a year-round resort that offers a variety of activities and accommodations.

Address: 64 Klein Avenue, Hunter, NY, 12442, United States.

9. Notch Lake

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

Notch Lake is situated near the Stony Clove Notch, bordering New York State Route 214, in the Town of Hunter, Greene County, New York. This must-see attraction is nestled amidst the Catskill Mountains.

A fun fact about Notch Lake is that this attraction is an artificial lake that is relatively small and provides scenic views of the surrounding mountains.

Notch Lake is a perfect place to have alone time to clear your head. Depending on the season, bird enthusiasts will find this park attractive because it is excellent for bird-watching. This park also allows you to escape the heat by going for a swim in the Notch Lake.


Address: Hunter, NY, 12492, United States. 

10. Diamond Notch Falls

Things to do in Hiawassee, GA

Diamond Notch Falls is situated on the West Kill within the Hunter-West Kill Wilderness area, which falls under Greene County, NY. This attraction is a great option for a scenic hike and a refreshing encounter with a waterfall, just 10 minutes away from Hunter, NY.

Diamond Notch Falls Spruceton Road Trail, This is a shorter and easier trail, approximately 1.7 miles out and back. It’s a good option for families or those looking for a less strenuous hike.

If you want a challenge, Diamond Notch Road Tail offers a bit longer and more exciting tail,  roughly 4.0 miles out and back. It offers hikers more scenic views and a more immersive experience in the wilderness.

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Address: Lexington, NY, 12492, United States. 

11. Katy Isaacson Elaine Gordon Lodge

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

Nestled in East Jewett, NY, exploring Katy Isaacson Elaine Gordon Lodge is one of the best summer activities to participate in, just 12 minutes away from Hunter, New York.


The lodge offers a structured summer program for a designated period, fostering a sense of routine and familiarity for the participants. The Katy Isaacson Elaine Gordon Lodge provides a safe environment, supervised, and non-restrictive, allowing individuals to feel comfortable and supported.

This program likely incorporates activities that encourage skill development in various areas, such as social interaction and communication, life skills, physical activity, coordination, creativity, and self-expression

If you think this program is intriguing, then you will enjoy the diverse range of activities to cater to different interests and abilities, which includes horseback riding, swimming, arts and crafts, sports and games, nature exploration, as well as lots of music and dance.

Address: 653 Colgate Road, East Jewett, NY, 12424, United States.

12. Kaaterskill Fine Art Gallery

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

The Kaaterskill Fine Art Gallery offers a chance to explore the artistic creations of local talent and discover a unique piece of art or a special gift while visiting Hunter, NY.

Kaaterskill Fine Art Gallery features an ever-changing selection of fine art and exquisite crafts. You’ll find works from over 100 local and regional artists, showcasing diverse styles and mediums.

In addition to art, the gallery features a selection of local gifts and souvenirs, perfect for finding unique mementos of your visit to Hunter. This gallery plays a role in supporting the artistic community of the Hudson Valley and Catskills region.


Address: 7950 Main Street, Hunter, NY, 12442, United States.

13. Hunter Mountain Resort Golf Course

Things to do in Austell, GA

The Hunter Mountain Resort Golf Course is a beautiful 18-hole, par 70 championship course designed by legendary golf course architect David Fay. The course offers stunning views of the surrounding Catskill Mountains and challenges for golfers of all skill levels.

This course is routed through a mature forest and offers panoramic views of the Catskill Mountains from every hole. Hunter Mountain Resort Golf Course is designed to be challenging for golfers of all skill levels. The fairways are generous, but the greens are small and undulating.

Hunter Mountain Resort Golf Course features a variety of holes, including long par 4s, risk-reward par 3s, and exciting par 5s. Beyond golfing, this course has a fully stocked golf shop that sells the latest equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Address: 64 Klein Avenue, Hunter, NY 12442, United States.

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14. Uncommon Grounds

Things to do in Hunter, NY.


Are you a coffee lover? Then I recommend Uncommon Grounds, positioned in Clifton Park, NY,  just 33 minutes away from Hunter, NY. This cafe offers a variety of brewed coffee options, espresso drinks, and a selection of teas.

Uncommon Grounds focuses on coffee and offers a selection of pastries, bagels, or light breakfast and lunch options. This company also sources its coffee beans from local roasters and supports local businesses.

In addition to enjoying your time at Uncommon Grounds, you can stay connected online by connecting to Uncommon Ground’s wifi.

Address: 9 Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park, NY, 12065, United States. 

15. Mountain Top Arboretum

Thing to do in Hunter, NY.

Situated in Tannersville, New York, Mountain Top Arboretum is a public garden in the Catskill Mountains dedicated to displaying and managing native plant communities in the northeastern US.

The arboretum encompasses over 178 acres of diverse plant collections, meadows, wetlands, forests, and Devonian bedrock. It provides a natural sanctuary for visitors interested in horticulture, birding, geology, local craftsmanship, hiking, and snowshoeing.

What’s more, the arboretum offers a network of well-maintained trails that wind through the various plant collections and natural features. The trails provide a leisurely way to explore the beauty of the arboretum.


Address: 430 Manor House Road, Tannersville, NY, 12485, United States

16. Hudson Valley Hatchet

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

Exploring Hudson Valley Hatchet in Kingston is one of the more thrilling indoor activities to do in Hunter, NY, for adults.  Challenge your friend and test your lumberjack skills.

Hudson Valley Hatchet is fun for you, you can experience axe throwing at your event location. This could be a great option for birthday parties, team outings, or social gatherings.

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Hudson Valley Hatchet allows you to create exciting times on your travels with your friends. It could be thrilling, and this is one of those many fun things you need to have a good time.

Address: Hunter Mountain, 64 Klein Avenue, Hunter, NY, 12442, United States.

17. Puttin Plus Family Fun Center

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

Nestled in Saugerties, exploring Puttin Plus Family Fun Center is one of the best family fun things to do near Hunter, NY. This attraction offers a mini-golf course, perfect for a fun and competitive family activity.


Puttin Plus has go-kart tracks that provide an exciting experience for all ages. If you’re looking to practice your batting skills or have some friendly competition, they offer batting cages.

What’s more, Puttin Plus features a laser tag arena for a thrilling game of strategy and teamwork. for arcade lovers, you can enjoy classic and modern arcade games for some extra entertainment.

Address: 455 Washington Avenue Ext., Saugerties, NY 12477, United States.

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18. Windham Mountain Adventure Park

Things to do in Hunter, NY. Windham Mountain Adventure Park is part of the Windham Mountain Club, a ski resort located in Windham, New York. The Adventure Park offers a variety of family-friendly activities during the winter and summer seasons.

Windham Mountain Adventure Park offers exhilarating rides down eight lanes of snow tubing hills. You can ride solo or link tubes together for a fun group experience. It also features a glide across a 120′ x 60′ outdoor ice skating rink. This is a perfect winter activity for all ages.

This is heaven for mountain bikers. For more adventure, you can take a scenic chairlift ride to the top of the mountain for breathtaking views of the Catskills.

Furthermore, you can explore a variety of hiking and nature trails that wind through the mountain forests. These trails offer stunning scenery and a chance to connect with nature and test your climbing skills on the outdoor rock climbing wall.


Address: 19 Resort Drive, Windham, NY, 12496, United States.

19. The Hunter Public Library

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

Are you a resident or a tourist in Hunter, NY and do you love reading books? Why not explore the Hunter Public Library? This library offers a collection of books, audiobooks, and ebooks for all ages and interests.

The Hunter Public Library hosts programs and events like author talks, book clubs, story times for children, or educational workshops. Check their website or social media for upcoming events.

In addition, this library provides public computers with internet access for patrons to use for research, browsing the web, or completing online tasks.

Address: 7965 Main Street, Hunter, NY, 12442, United States.

20. Secret Caverns

Things to do in Hunter, NY.

The well-known Secret Caverns attraction is situated in Cobleskill, NY, which is roughly a 1.5-hour drive from Hunter. Secret Caverns offer guided tours through a natural limestone cave system, showcasing stunning rock formations, a 100-foot underground waterfall, and historical significance.


Secret Caverns boasts a stunning network of underground limestone caves, naturally formed over millions of years.  Explore the caverns with experienced guides who share the history, geology, and unique features of the cave formations.

For more exciting views, witness stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and other fascinating rock formations created by mineral deposits over time. Secret Caverns features a hidden gem within the caverns: a cascading waterfall, adding to the awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Furthermore, these caves have historical significance, potentially being used by indigenous people or having played a role in the area’s past. The tour guides provide educational insights about cave formations, ecosystems, and the importance of cave conservation.

Address: 671 Caverns Road, Howes Cave, NY 12092-1703, United States.

Plan Your Trip To Hunter, NY

Hunter, New York, offers an abundance of activities and attractions that cater to all interests and ages. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply a relaxing day out, this vibrant town has it all.

Plan your visit to Hunter today and be prepared to create unforgettable memories in this welcoming community.


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