25 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tifton, GA

Are you a local or tourist searching for fun activities in Tifton, Georgia? Look no further! You’re at the right place, this guide features the best and most enjoyable things to do in Tifton, GA, to make the most of your time in this charming city.

Nestled in Tift County, Georgia, Tifton is the county seat of Tift County. It is widely known for its rich agricultural heritage and vibrant community, making it a delightful destination for residents and visitors.


This town is known for its welcoming atmosphere, rich history, and beautiful surroundings and offers a unique blend of Southern hospitality, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities.

From the fascinating Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village and the serene Fulwood Park to the engaging Tifton Museum of Arts and Heritage and the bustling Tifton Farmers Market, many attractions and opportunities are awaiting to be revealed during your expedition.

25 Best and Fun Things To Do in Tifton, GA (2024)

1. Georgia museum of agriculture & historic village

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Begin your Tifton adventure by learning about the history and culture of the town at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village, a haven of history and culture offering educational and fun things to do in Tifton for families. 

Nestled in the heart of Tifton, the Georgia Museum of Agriculture & Historic Village is a great place for families, history buffs, and anyone interested in learning about South Georgia’s agricultural heritage.

The museum features exhibits of South Georgia’s agricultural heritage from the 19th century, over 35 restored structures, including a traditional farmstead, an industrial complex, a country store, and a one-room schoolhouse, exhibits on farming practices, rural life, and agricultural machinery.


Additionally, the museum offers educational programs and workshops year-round, Vulcan Steam Train offering scenic rides, an art Gallery showcasing regional artists,  costumed interpreters demonstrating traditional crafts and skills, walking trails, and educational exhibits at the Langdale Nature Center.

Address: 1392 Whiddon Mill Road, Tifton, GA 31793, United States.

2. tift theatre

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Established in 1937, the Tifton Theatre is a historic venue for hosting a variety of shows and performances offering exciting and fun activities for visitors and locals of all ages.

Nestled in the heart of Tifton, GA, this theater boasts a great place to experience live entertainment and immerse yourself in Tifton’s cultural scene, featuring performance space hosting plays, musicals, concerts, dance recitals, and community events.

Furthermore, this historic theatre also hosts educational programs and workshops and offers rental space for private events.

Visitors and locals exploring unique things to do in Tifton, GA,  for families and friends can catch a live performance, take a backstage tour, attend workshops and educational programs, or simply appreciate the historic architecture and ambiance of the theater

Address: 320 Main Street S, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.


3. All American Fun Park

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Are you looking for a fun-filled day with family and friends near Tifton? Then head to the All American Fun Park, a fun haven offering exciting and thrilling things to do near Tifton, GA, for everyone.

Located about 50 minutes drive away from Tifton, this park features an 18-hole miniature golf course, a 1/4 mile go-kart track, sixteen bowling lanes, arcade game rooms, party rooms, and a concession bar to refuel with refreshments and snacks after all the excitement.

Visitors to this park can expect exciting activities such as arcade game challenges, strike up fun at the bowling lanes, challenge your friends at the miniature golf course, or celebrate a special occasion in one of the party rooms.

Address: 2608 N Slappey Blvd, Albany, GA 31701, United States.

4. the market at Rutland farms

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Exploring the Market at Rutland Farms, a market that blends farm-fresh products with family fun should make your bucket list of things to do in Tifton, GA.

This market features a farm stand that offers a bounty of fresh produce grown right on the farm like seasonal fruits and vegetables, alongside local honey, jams, and jellies, unique southern products such as home-baked goods, and gift items perfect for wedding favors.


Also, you can learn about the importance of the bees, cool off in a famed selection of homemade ice cream, find charming gift items like YETI coolers, home gifts, and children’s accessories, and enjoy a fascinating live, behind-the-glass exhibit.

Address: 5641 Union Road, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

5. snapology of Tifton, gA

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Snapology of Tifton, GA, provides a nurturing environment for learning, building, and exploring fun and educational things to do in Tifton, GA, for kids through play.

This children’s center introduces children to STEAM concepts and offers a variety of programs throughout the year, catering to various age groups. These include after-school programs, summer camps, workshops, field trips, birthday parties, assemblies, and even custom events.

The Snapology of Tifton’s core concept revolves around engaging children in interactive activities that ignite their curiosity and develop STEAM skills. Kids visiting this summer camp can expect to learn basic coding principles, participate in group challenges, build robots and spaceships, or anything their imagination creates with LEGO® bricks and K’Nex.

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Address: 1499 Kennedy Road, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

6. plough gallery

Things to do in Tifton, GA


One of the unique things to do in Tifton, GA, for art lovers and those seeking unique, handcrafted treasures is visiting the Plough Gallery, a great place to support local artists and artisans while finding one-of-a-kind pieces for your home or gifts.

This gallery features high-quality, handmade crafts such as pottery, jewelry, paintings, photography, sculptures, woodwork, glasswork, and fiber arts, with rotating exhibitions highlighting the works of individual artists or specific artistic themes.

What’s more, the gallery hosts events such as artist talks, demonstrations, and other events, offering visitors a chance to connect with the artists and delve deeper into their creative processes.

Address: 216 W 8th Street, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

7. Chehaw Park & Zoo

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Exploring Chehaw Park & Zoo is one of the family-friendly things to do near Tifton, GA, today.  Established in 1937, Chehaw Park & Zoo offers a delightful blend of outdoor recreation and up-close encounters with fascinating animals.

Conveniently located in Albany, about an hour’s drive from Tifton, this park features a zoo with over 234 specimens representing more than 73 species, boardwalks that wind through cypress, over 800 acres of space for picnicking, hiking, biking, or simply enjoying nature.

As you visit the park, stroll along scenic boardwalks, explore natural, outdoor exhibits featuring cheetahs, black rhinos, meerkats, black bears, alligators, and many more, enjoy a picnic, hike the trails, or participate in interactive animal encounters with keeper talks and feeding demonstrations, providing a deeper understanding of the animals and their care.


What’s more, you can beat the heat at the water park featuring water slides, splash features, and a dumping bucket – perfect for a refreshing family outing, or let your kids loose at the Play Park featuring a variety of climbing structures, slides, swings, and more.

Address: 105 Chehaw Park Road, Albany, GA 31701, United States.

8. Fulwood Park

fulwood park

One of the kid-friendly things to do in Tifton, GA, today is going on a visit to Fulwood Park, a verdant escape for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Spanning 28 acres, this park which was established in 1916 boasts a variety of recreational facilities and a welcoming atmosphere for all ages with features including a kids’ playground, picnic pavilions, walking trails, open fields, a designated dog park, a frisbee golf course, and restroom.

Visitors can enjoy family gatherings, barbecues, or birthday parties at the picnic pavilions, play frisbee throwing, casual games, or simply relax on a blanket under the shade of a tree, and enjoy a refreshing walk or jog, even during the evening hours.

Address: 817 Prince Avenue, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

9. Tifton Terminal Railway Museum

Things to do in Tifton, GA


Visiting the Tifton Terminal Railway Museum, a treasure trove for train enthusiasts and history buffs alike is among the fun things to do in Tifton, GA.

Nestled within the historic Atlantic Coast Line station, the museum offers a glimpse into Tifton’s rich railroading heritage and houses an array of railroad memorabilia, including tools, equipment, photographs, and documents that tell the story of Tifton’s role in the railroad industry.

Additionally, the museum features interactive and informative exhibits that delve into the history of trains and occasionally host special events like train rides, educational programs, and railroad-themed festivals.

Address: 120 Tift Avenue S, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

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10. Georgia peanut commission

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Established in 1961, the Georgia Peanut Commission is a hub of information, promotion, and research dedicated to peanuts offering exciting and fun things to do in Tifton, GA, for everyone.

This attraction features a public education center showcasing informative exhibits about peanut history, cultivation, processing, and uses of peanuts, a gift shop stocked up on peanut-themed souvenirs, apparel, and Georgia peanuts in various forms.


Gain more knowledge about peanuts through interactive exhibits at the public education center, find the perfect peanut-themed gift or treat for yourself or a loved one at the gift shop, and learn about the commission’s role in promoting Georgia’s peanut industry.

Address: 445 Fulwood Blvd, Tifton, GA 31794, United  States.

11. Georgia Veterans State Park

Things to do in Tifton, GA

One of the family-friendly things to do in Tifton, GA, this weekend is to explore Georgia Veterans State Park, a unique park that celebrates the past and memorial of the U.S. Veterans.

Established in 1946, this park spans 1,308 acres and features a museum with aircraft, vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and other memorabilia dating from the Revolutionary War to the present, picnics areas, hiking trails, and camping grounds.

Visitors can see airplanes, tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles, as well as uniforms, weapons, and medals, enjoy a picnic area perfect for a day outing with family or friends, or camp with RV sites and tent sites.

Address: 2459 US-280 w, Cordele, GA 31015, United States.

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12. tifton-tift County Public Library

Things to do in Tifton, GA


The Tifton-Tift County Public Library is not just a place for books, it offers community resources with a range of programs for people of all ages.

Tifton-Tift County Public Library houses an extensive collection of books, e-books, audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, meeting areas, and internet stations with Microsoft Office packages.

The library also hosts family-friendly activities, storytimes, and engaging programs that cater to various age groups, making it an enriching destination for all.

Address: 245 Love Ave, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

13. paradise public fishing area

Things to do in Tifton, GA

One of the outdoor and family-friendly things to do near Tifton, GA, is embarking on a fishing adventure at the Paradise Public Fishing Area, a haven for fishing enthusiasts and anglers of all skill levels.

Nestled in Enigma, about just a 13-minute drive from Tifton, this attraction boasts over 60 lakes and ponds totaling around 525 acres offering a variety of fish like largemouth bass, bluegill, red ear sunfish, channel catfish, crappie, and brown bullhead.

Visitors can launch boats on designated ramps or cast their line from the shore at designated bank fishing areas, and also keep an eye out for a variety of birds and wildlife while you fish.


Address: 536 Paradise Drive, Enigma, GA 31749, United States.

14. Adcock pecans

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Looking for where to shop for all things pecans? Then head to the Adcock Pecans, a great place to experience the taste of Georgia and take home a delicious souvenir or gift.

Established in the 1970s, Adcock Pecans features a variety of pecans, from their signature fresh Georgia pecans (shelled or unshelled) to flavored pecans like praline, honey roasted, and chocolate dipped. Beyond the nuts, they also offer pecan-infused products like pecan oil, pecan candy, pecan-based jams, jellies, fruitcakes, and gifts.

Treat yourself to one of their many nuts products, or find the perfect gift with their wide variety of pecan products.

Address: 801 7th Street W, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

15. Coastal Plain Research Arboretum

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Established in 1987, the Coastal Plain Research Arboretum is a haven for plant enthusiasts and a valuable resource for visitors and locals exploring unique things to do in Tifton, GA.


Nestled within the University of Georgia, Tifton campus, this picturesque garden features a living plant collection such as shrubs, wildflowers, and groundcovers, walking trails, and educational programs including workshops, lectures, and educational events throughout the year.

Additionally, the garden serves as a platform for research projects focused on plant propagation, conservation, and sustainable landscaping practices

Address:115 S Entomology, Tifton, GA 31793, United States.

16. Reed Bingham State Park

Things to do in Tifton, GA

One of the most exciting things to do near Tifton, GA, today for outdoor enthusiasts and families is to seek adventure at the Reed Bingham State Park, less than a 20-minute drive from Tifton.

Spanning 1,613 acres, the park surrounds a 375-acre lake. It offers exciting fun activities such as fishing, hiking the 3.5-mile hiking trail that winds through a bald cypress swamp, a pitcher plant bog, and a sandhill area, camping, wildlife viewing, and swimming.

If you need a place to escape the bustling nature of the city, then add Reed Bingham State Park to your Tifton itinerary, enjoy fishing on the lake stocked with a variety of fish, hiking through the trials, camping on the campground with RV sites, tent sites, and a cabin, swim, or go wildlife viewing.

Address:  542 Reed Bingham Road, Adel, GA 31620, United States. 


17. flint river aquarium

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Established in 2004, the Flint River Aquarium offers a plethora of fun and educational things to do in Tifton, GA, for everyone.

Plunging on 54,000 square feet building, the aquarium is located 45 minutes away from Tifton, GA, and showcases the aquatic ecosystems of the Flint River, Apalachicola River, and Chattahoochee River basins, highlighting the diverse underwater world of Southwest Georgia.

Experience various exhibits that follow the 350-mile journey of the Flint River,  view a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish species, and the Blue Hole Spring exhibit, a 175,000-gallon open-air tank teeming with aquatic life, featuring a transparent viewing window for underwater exploration.

What’s more, the aquarium also offers educational programs, feedings, or behind-the-scenes tours.

Address: 101 Pine Ave, Albany, GA 31701, United States.

18. Wisham jellies

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Wisham Jellies is a one-stop shopping center for anything pepper jellies nestled in the heart of Tifton, GA.


This center specializes in pepper jellies of different flavors including Blazing Blueberry, Peachy Peach, Mango, Strawlapeño, Cranberry, Wild Mayhaw, and Fire Jelly.

Visitors and locals in this picturesque town can go on a shopping spree for their various jelly flavors.

Address: 807 Central Avenue, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

19. Fresco Italiano

Things to do in Tifton, GA

As a visitor or local exploring things to do in Tifton, take a stop at the Fresco Italiano, a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing dining experience and a delightful take on classic Italian cuisine.

This upscale casual dining room offers menus ranging from a variety of Italian staples like pasta, pizzas, and entrees like chicken parmesan or steak dishes, homemade sauces, a handcrafted cocktail created by their in-house mixologist, and 100% Angus beef for meat lovers.

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Also, you can enjoy a mouth-watering dessert prepared by their in-house pastry chef, weekend brunch, and different meals made from fresh high-quality ingredients.

Address: 103 Tift Avenue S, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.


20. The Edge Sports Pub and Axe Throwing

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Among the many unique things to do in Tifton, GA, for adults is to experience a thrilling adventure at The Edge Sports Pub and Axe Throwing.

This axe-throwing center features several throwing targets, a sports pub, a place to sit and watch sports on TV, and a full bar, making it an ideal spot for events like birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, corporate events, and any special occasion.

Whether you are experienced or inexperienced in axe throwing, the entertainment center has skilled instructors who will teach you the proper techniques to safely and accurately hurl axes at the target.

Visit this unique attraction for a one-of-a-kind experience with your friends as part of your Tifton adventure.

Address: 115 E 3rd Street, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

21. recoil trampoline park

Things to do in Tifton, GA

One of the fun family-friendly things to do in Tifton is to visit Recoil Trampoline Park, an amusement center that caters to both children and adults.


Sitting on a 30,000 square feet building, this indoor trampoline park features a variety of attractions including a ninja warrior course, dodgeball Courts, slam dunk courts, foam Pit, trapeze, laser tag, arcade games, and virtual reality.

In addition to the fun activities offered at the park, Recoil Trampoline Park is also a great place for birthday parties, family gatherings, team parties, and other events.

Address: 3103 N Ashley Street, Valdosta, GA 31602, United States.

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22. Spring Hill Country Club

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Booking a tee time at Spring Hill Country Club Course is one of the best things to do in Tifton, GA, this weekend. This golf course offers a beautiful and challenging course for members and their guests, along with a family-friendly environment.

Spanning 6,559 yards from the longest tees and offering a slope rating of 124 and a USGA rating of 72.1, this 18-hole championship layout is one of the most fun and friendly courses and is enjoyable for both seasoned and novice players.


Beyond the course, Spring Hill County Club Course features an exclusive full-service Pro Shop with golf merchandise, apparel, and equipment. This course is a great place to learn, practice, and play golf.

Address: 5 E Springhill Road, Tifton, GA 31793, United States.

23. kidz quest

Things to do in Tifton, GA

Another kid-friendly thing to do in Tifton, GA,  today is to engage in activities at Kidz Quest, an indoor place space where kids can learn and have unending fun.

This indoor educational and fun program features adventure for kids and toddlers, and caters to elementary school-aged children (kindergarten through 5th grade), with outdoor plays and educational aid.

The facility features homework help, educational enrichment activities such as arts, crafts, and science, physical activities and outdoor play, social interaction, and teamwork opportunities.

Address: 7400 GA-122, Hahira, GA 31632, United States.

24. Epic Escape Rooms

Things to do in Tifton, GA


Are you searching for fun things to do near Tifton, GA,  tonight with friends and family? Then, experience a challenging, immersive, and captivating,  adventure at Epic Escape Room.

Located less than a 50-minute drive from Tifton, the escape room challenges players to search for hidden clues, solve puzzles, find secret passages, dodge the lasers, crack the safe, and work together to escape within the time limit.

The rooms are all set in different themes making it an experience full of adventure, and offers a thrilling and challenging activity that tests your teamwork, problem-solving skills, and communication.

Address: 2533 N Ashley Street STE-A, Valdosta, GA 31602, United States.

25. Terminal South

Things to do in Tifton, GA

One of the unique things to do in Tifton, GA, in the evenings for adults is visiting Terminal South, a popular live music venue known for hosting a variety of up-and-coming and established musical acts.

Terminal South features a relatively intimate setting, allowing audiences to get up close to the performers and experience the energy of live music, and bar services.

As a visitor at the Terminal South, enjoy live music performances, featuring a diverse range of genres like rock, country, blues, and more.


Address: 265 Brumby Way, Tifton, GA 31794, United States.

plan your visit to Tifton, GA

Tifton, Georgia offers a variety of activities and attractions that cater to all interests and ages. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, community events, or simply a relaxing day out, this charming town has it all.

Plan your visit to Tifton, GA, today, and create unforgettable memories in this welcoming city.


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