20 Best & Fun Thing To Do In Belmont, NC

Are you a resident or tourist looking for fun activities in Belmont, North Carolina?  Look no further! You’re at the right place, as we’ll be taking you through the list of 20 best and most fun things to do in Belmont, NC, making your trip unforgettable.

Nature enthusiasts won’t want to miss the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, a sprawling 380-acre paradise showcasing plants and flowers from across the globe. Walking trails, sculptures, and a visitor center add to the experience. Just remember to check their website for current admission fees and hours as they can change seasonally.


Those seeking outdoor activities can explore the Catawba River Greenway. Lace-up your walking shoes or grab your bike for a scenic adventure along the Catawba River, offering stunning city views. Over 10 miles long, the greenway connects Belmont to the nearby town of Mount Holly.

20 Best And Fun Things To Do In Belmont, NC (2024)

1. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

One of the best places to visit as a nature lover in Belmont, NC, is the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. This botanical paradise features a wide variety of plants and flowers from around the world, creating a captivating display of color and beauty throughout the year.

The garden features expansive gardens with diverse flora from various regions, walking trails for exploration and scenic strolls, sparkling fountains and water features adding a touch of tranquility.

You can immerse yourself in a vibrant and colorful landscape. Enjoy peaceful walks or bike rides along scenic trails

Address: 6900 South New Hope Road, Belmont, NC, 28012, United States.


2. Stowe Park

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Spending sometime at Stowe Park with your family is one of the wholeseome things to do in Belmont, North Carolina. Located at the heart of downtown Belmont, this park features a  well-equipped playground with shaded areas, perfect for keeping children entertained.

The Stown Park provides a picnic tables, a covered pavilion, and uncovered areas provide options for enjoying meals outdoors, a walking loop offers a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery.

In addition tonit exciting features, this park features a  large fountain and a location beside the railroad tracks (for train enthusiasts!), Stowe Park offers a place to unwind and have a peaceful time outdoors.

Address: 24 S Main Street, Belmont, NC 28012, United States.

3. Catawba River Antique Mall

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Catawba River Antique Mall is one of the best places to explore for antique and vintage enthusiasts located in Belmont, North Carolina. This expansive mall boasts over 300 vendor booths brimming with unique finds from various eras.

Catawba River Antique Mall offers a diverse range of antiques and collectibles. Discover furniture, vintage clothing, glassware, artwork, jewelry, and more.


Explorers stand to find one-of-a-kind items and support small businesses, as well as the excitement of searching for special finds. Discover potential bargains amidst the diverse offerings.

Address: 406 E Catawba Street, Belmont, NC, 28012, United States.

4. Piccolo Antique Mall

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Piccolo Antique Mall and Fine Consignments is a treasure trove for antique and vintage enthusiasts located in Belmont, North Carolina. Spanning over 22,000 square feet, it features a vast collection of curated items spread across more than 75 dealer booths.

This mall features a wide variety of antiques and collectibles: From timeless furniture and exquisite glassware to unique finds and designer fabrics, Piccolo offers something for every taste and budget.

If you love to discover and shop this mall provides unearth unique treasures, decorative pieces, and potential collectibles you won’t find anywhere else.

Address:  134 N Main Street, Belmont, NC, 28012, United States.

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5. Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park

Things To Do In Belmont, NC


Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park is a 10-acre park situated along the Catawba River in Belmont, North Carolina. It provides a scenic escape for visitors seeking relaxation and outdoor recreation.

Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park offers loads of exciting recreational activities, you can launch your kayak or canoe for a paddle on the river or cast a line for some fishing. A playground keeps the little ones entertained.

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In addition, you can take the fresh air and scenic river views, perfect for unwinding and enjoying nature. This park features a playground, picnic areas, and a walking trail that offers fun options for families with children.

Address: 1400 East Catawba Street, Belmont, NC, 28012, United States.

6. Town of Cramerton Goat Island Park and Greenway

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

For outdoor enthusiasts, exploring the Town of Cramerton Goat Island Park and Greenway is one of the most exciting things to do near Belmont, NC.

The town of Cramerton Goat Island Park and Greenway offers a variety of recreational activities and natural beauty. The park sits on Goat Island, a small island in the middle of the South Fork Catawba River, accessible by pedestrian bridges.

The park connects to the Carolina Thread Trail greenway, providing a paved path for walking, running, or biking. Keep the kids entertained at the playground with a variety of climbing structures and play equipment.


Enjoy a variety of activities like walking, biking, playing on the playground, disc golfing, picnicking, kayaking, canoeing, or fishing. The park offers activities for all ages, making it a great spot for a family outing.

Address: 112 Island Drive, Cramerton, NC, 28032, United States.

7. Belmont Historic District

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

The Belmont Historic District is charming and nationally recognized in Belmont, North Carolina. Established in 1996, it encompasses over 260 contributing buildings, structures, and sites within the central business district and adjacent residential areas.

The district boasts a beautiful collection of historic buildings showcasing various architectural styles, including Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, and Bungalow/American Craftsman.

The area is pedestrian-friendly, perfect for strolling, browsing shops, and enjoying the atmosphere. Belmont has a rich history, and the Historic District serves as a window into the town’s past.

Address: Intersection of Main Street and Catawba Street, Belmont, NC 28012, United States.

8. The Bottle Tree

Things To Do In Belmont, NC


 The Bottle Tree isn’t a tree, but a well-regarded restaurant located in Belmont, North Carolina. It offers a globally inspired menu featuring seasonal Southern ingredients, along with craft cocktails, craft beers, and an extensive wine list.

The Bottle Tree features a globally inspired cuisine with Southern flair, craft cocktails, beers, a wine list, and a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere. This restaurant is famous for its award-winning chef and expertise in both global flavors and Southern traditions.

This restaurant allows you to enjoy a unique and flavorful dining experience with global influences as well as savor delicious food prepared with seasonal and local ingredients.

Address: 102 Davis Street, Belmont, NC 28012-3111, United States.

9. The Bearded Buffalo Sports Bar

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

One Of the most exciting places to visit with your friends in the evening is the Breaded Buffalo Sports Bar. This popular sports bar and grill in Belmont, North Carolina, is known for its friendly atmosphere and delicious food.

This bar offers daily drink specials and signature cocktails alongside a menu featuring favorites from Buffalo, NY, like wings and beef on weck, alongside Southern classics like pulled pork sandwiches and homemade mac and cheese.

What’s more, the Bearded Buffalo Sports Bar provides numerous TVs throughout the restaurant to ensure you won’t miss a game, featuring NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and all local college games.  Enjoy a casual and inviting environment, perfect for catching up with friends over drinks and good food while watching the game.


Address: 16 North Main St. Belmont, NC, 28012, United States.

10. Freedom Park

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Freedom Park is a sprawling 98-acre park located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Situated between the historic Dilworth and Myers Park neighborhoods, the park offers a scenic escape within the city limits.

Freedom Park allows you to find a serene spot under a shade tree, have a picnic lunch on the grassy areas, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the park’s landscaping as well as a scenic walk or jog around the lake, or rent a paddleboat and explore the water from a different perspective.

For those with historical curiosity, this park features a retired 2-8-0 steam engine displayed in the park, offering a glimpse into transportation history. While fenced for safety, visitors can walk into the cab for a closer look.

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Address: 1900 East Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina 28207, United States.

11. GiGi’s Consignment Boutique

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

GiGi’s Consignment Boutique is a women’s clothing store located in the heart of downtown Belmont, North Carolina. It offers a unique blend of pre-loved, high-quality consignment pieces and trendy new boutique clothing.


You can find a curated selection of gently-used designer and name-brand clothing alongside trendy new boutique items. By shopping at GiGi’s, you support a small, local business in the Belmont community.

GiGi’s Consignment Boutique offers a treasure hunt, to find the latest trends in new boutique clothing alongside timeless classics. This shopping mall allows you to support the local shop and contribute to the Belmont community.

Address: 24 N Main Street, Belmont, NC 28012, United States.

12. Advanced Aquatic Pets

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Advanced Aquatic Pets is a one-stop shop for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts in Belmont, North Carolina. They’ve been around since 2014, establishing themselves as a reliable source of marine fish, coral, invertebrates, equipment, and supplies.

Advanced Aquatic Pets specializes in saltwater fish, coral, and invertebrates, catering to the needs of marine aquarium hobbyists. This natural attraction offers a wide range of equipment and supplies for setting up and maintaining saltwater aquariums.

In addition, the knowledgeable staff is passionate about saltwater aquariums and can answer your questions and guide you in creating a successful setup.

Address: 509 Woodlawn Avenue, Belmont, NC 28012, United States.


13. CityCade Classic Arcade and Pinball Game Bar

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Exploring CityCade Classic Arcade and Pinball Game Bar is one of the best things to do in Gastonia,  NC. This indoor fun pot is a retro hangout spot that combines classic arcade games and pinball machines with a bar atmosphere.

It caters to adults who want to relive their childhood gaming experiences or simply enjoy a fun night out with friends. This game hub offers a wide variety of classic arcade games and pinball machines. It also provides a welcoming environment with food and drinks provided.

What’s more, CityCade Classic Arcade and Pinball Game Bar offers special events like karaoke nights and live music. Create a wholesome time with your families and Friends.

Address: 122 S Oakland Street, Gastonia, NC, 28052, United States.

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14. House of Purge

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

One of the best things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina is to explore House of Purge, This spooky attraction is an anger and rage room. It provides a safe and controlled environment for people to relieve stress and frustration by smashing objects with their bare hands or using the tools provided.


This facility offers dedicated break rooms where visitors can unleash their pent-up emotions by smashing a variety of objects, including plates, glasses, printers, furniture, and even a car.

House of Purge provides all necessary protective gear such as helmets, gloves, and safety glasses to ensure a safe smashing experience. The primary purpose of House of Purge is to provide a healthy outlet for stress relief and anger management.

Address: 722 Montana Drive Suite F, Charlotte, NC 28216, United States.

15. Spare Time Pineville

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Spare Time Pineville is a family entertainment center offering a variety of activities under one roof. It’s a perfect destination for spending quality time with friends and family, enjoying fun and entertainment.

This fun spot provides a luxurious bowling lane with plush couches and massive video walls that provide a stylish and entertaining bowling experience, arcade games, laser tag, escape rooms, and even a restaurant to satisfy your cravings.

In addition to the many fun you ca have, take some time out and plan a visit to Spare Time Pineville, Create lasting memories with friends and family in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Address: 10430 Centrum Drive, Pineville, NC, 28224, United States. 

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16. Xtreme Xcapes

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

One of the best things to do near Belmont, North Carolina, is to explore, Xtreme Xcapes. This escape room offers themed escape rooms where teams of 2 to 10 people work together to solve puzzles, decipher clues, and escape within a 60-minute time limit.

This escape room allows you to choose from different escape room scenarios, each with its unique storyline and challenges. Some popular themes include abandoned houses, crypts, and jungles.

While some rooms might be more suited for adults due to content, Xtreme Xcapes offers experiences that can be enjoyed by families with older children (typically ages 16 and up). They recommend having at least one participating, paying adult for any guests under 16.

Address: 246 North New Hope Road, Gastonia, NC, 28054, United States.

17. Puttery

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Puttery is a chain of upscale entertainment venues that offer a unique twist on mini golf. It combines innovative mini golf courses with a vibrant atmosphere, craft cocktails, and upscale bites.

Puttery features intricately designed, multi-hole mini golf courses with unique themes. Each course boasts its own signature cocktails that pair well with the theme.


Puttery offers a fun and social environment, perfect for a night out with friends, family, or colleagues. Puttery provides a perfect venue for a fun outing with friends or family, combining friendly competition with good food and drinks.

Address: 210 Rampart Street, Charlotte, NC, 28203, United States.

18. Ray’s Splash Planet

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

Ray’s Splash Planet is a public indoor water park and recreational facility situated in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s operated by the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department and serves as a fun destination for families and water enthusiasts.

Ray’s Splash Planet offers a variety of water attractions, including slides, a lazy river, a splash pad for younger children, and a vortex pool. this park features a fitness center and gymnasium shared with the Irwin Academic Center.

What’s more, this attraction provides birthday party rooms and concession stands for a complete aquatic entertainment experience. Enjoy a fun-filled day with family or friends at a public water park.

Address: 215 N Sycamore Street, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States.

19. Seven Oaks Preserve Trail

Things To Do In Belmont, NC


The Seven Oaks Preserve Trail is a moderate, 2.8-mile one-way rail located near Belmont, North Carolina. It follows the banks of Lake Wylie and is suitable for all skill levels.

Hikers can choose between an out-and-back route for a full trek or enjoy a shorter loop by connecting with the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden trails.

Seven Oaks Preserve Trail allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Wylie, while you immerse yourself in nature along a scenic trail. In addition to these exciting features, leashed dogs are welcome.

Address: 6900 South New Hope Road, Belmont, NC, 28012, United States.

20. Afterburn

Things To Do In Belmont, NC

One of the most exciting places to take your kids to near Belmont, NC, is Afterburn. There’s a renowned inverted roller coaster named Afterburn located at Carowinds Amusement Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Afterburn delivers an adrenaline rush with its high speeds of up to 62 mph (100 km/h) and thrilling inversions, including a space drop, vertical loop, Immelmann maneuver, zero-g roll, batwing, flat spin, and a final spiral.

Unlike traditional coasters, riders hang suspended below the track on Afterburn, offering a unique outside perspective during the inversions. Despite the intensity, Afterburn is known for its smooth ride thanks to modern design and Bolliger & Mabillard engineering.


Address: 14523 Carowinds Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273. United States.

Plan Your Trip To Belmont, NC

Belmont, NC, beckons as a captivating destination brimming with adventure and natural wonders. With the perfect blend of culture and nature, a visit to Belmont will leave a lasting impression.

Let this guide be your comprehensive starting point as you embark on your journey to discover and experience the wonders of this remarkable town. I wish you safe travels and unforgettable memories!


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